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Even More Halloween Songs

Hope you are enjoying the posts about some "newer" Halloween songs, at least newer to our studio. I'm really excited to share these songs, which are filled with surprises.

Ghost Tarantella by Chris Tsitsaros, an intermediate piano solo through Hal Leonard, is probably a a new favorite of mine. The song reminds me Tarantella about by Albert Pieczonka, a song I learned in college and still want to come back too someday. The song is in A minor, yet Tsitsaros puts in lots of D#'s, which make the song tons of fun. The song is in 6/8, with a presto tempo of a dotted quarter note as 132. The song has repeated patterns, of A minor chord and a A sus (with a sharp 4). The song is mostly f and mf, yet incorporates crescendos, decrescendos and the B section is legato, yet still moving. If you looking for something spider relate for Halloween, check this song out.

The Goblins Gather by Frank Levin is a later Elementary song, through Hal Leonard, which introduces grace notes. Totally worth teaching students. While playing the song, you can hear the goblins getting together, visiting a mystical place that humans would love to encounter. Levin created a solo in Cm, yet uses more chord options, like C minor diminished, C7 and F7 inversions. He uses dynamics where it's piano in one measure, forte in the next measure and piano the 3rd measure. Exceptional techniques. It's hard to say, yet I really enjoyed learning how to play this song. Hope you enjoy listening to it.

The last song in this blog is called Beethoven's Ghost by Bernadine Johnson through Alfred Music. Johnson creates a "medley" of 4 of Beethoven's songs, as a duet. It's a mash up of Fur Elise, The Moonlight Sonata, Symphonies No. 5 and No. 9. I have to say this is probably my new favorite song, yet I think I say that a lot. This song is a stroke of genius, blending four of his famous songs in one duet. This song is totally worth having. Please consider getting this song for your students and share with your studio at an event.

When will you start teaching Halloween music? What are some of your favorites and new songs for this year? Would certainly like to know. Thanks for your support. Blessings.


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