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Fantasies and Fairy Tales Lisa Donovan Lukas

Just recently came upon a piano book from Piano Pronto that I've used with a student who likes minor music. This book is great for early intermediate piano students, where Lukas creates ideas that students will certainly love. I'm share two videos so far from the series. Hopefully I can do more later.

One of the songs I'm currently teaching is called Buried Treasure, written in A harmonic minor. This fast, 6/8, arpeggiated song portrays a scene of perhaps a pirate burying or find treasure. Lukas includes fun dynamics to add to the song, plus measures 1-8 are written 8vb and the next 8 measures are as written (loco). In the B section, she has the students playing repetition of three notes in the treble clef and the bass is filled with 3rd, 5th and 6th chords that are played very quickly. Will honestly say that the song will bring smiles and excitement to those playing and listening.

The other song is called Cottage in the Woods, written in D minor. This song is filled with E major, A Major and G minor chords, as arpeggiated chords are played in the left hand. This "gently flowing" melody is eerie and suspenseful. She has the melody played as written and then goes up the octave. Be sure to play with pedaling and watch the molto rit e dim at the end. Students will totally love this song.

Have you used this book? If so, please share one of the songs either you or your student played. If not be sure to add this book to your collection. Thanks for your support. Blessings.


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