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Flag Day Piano Solo

In honor of Flag Day, here is a piano solo of You're a Grand Old Flag by George M. Cohan, who wrote the song while encountering a former Civil War Veteran. The "old Vet", as Cohan referred to the man, was holding a tattered and worn American Flag. History states that Cohan wanted to call the song "You're a Grand Old Rag" since the Veteran was holding the flag (that looked like a rag). Thankfully Cohan changed the lyrics. Cohan is famous for writing songs for musicals: Over There, I'm a Yankee Doodle Dandy, Give My Regards to Broadway, and a list of other selections. He changed the course of Broadway Musicals.

This arrangement is by Melody Bober, from the book A Patriotic Celebration from FJH. Bober's arrangement is filled with staccatos, legatos, and octaves in the Treble Clef. The song starts in C Major, goes to D, and ends in F. I love key changes. I've said it before. Plus her use of dynamics makes the song sound amazing. Please check out this book and perhaps you can share it with one of your students or perform it this Friday or as we prepare for Independence Day.

What is something you're working on this summer, whether Patriotic or not? I would like to know. Thanks for your support. Blessings.


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