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Gleening from James and the Giant Peach Camp So Far

I just wanted to share some quick thoughts about the "whirlwind camp", which has been a blessing.

  1. Planning takes time. I've been thinking about this camp since last summer and now we get to present the performance on Friday. Yet I've been reading, re-reading, and more re-rereading (just made up a word. Haha) the play script adapted by Richard Georges as much as I can. I've worked hard learning the music, creating the choreography, and relearning it. I marketed the camp as best as I could, while moving at the end of April. Planning ahead is my personality, yet you also have to be spontanious too.

  2. Continue to realize that new people will attend camps and those from the past may or may not participate. Relationships matter and always hug and tell those who participate that you love them. Tell and show them they matter. Plus thank every parent, grandparent, and guardian who allowed their child to attend.

  3. Stress is evident, just don't let it overtake you. Tell your closest friends and family, breathe, and move on. It will work out. Prayer is the best option.

  4. If parents want to help, let them. I've always believed in that concept.

Every camp has a special place in my heart, yet this camp focusing on friendship is by far, my absolute favorite. Try things that are "bigger than yourself" and always laugh a lot, smile and have fun. Thanks for your support. Blessings.


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