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Glimmer of Hope Piano Solo

For several years I've had a piano solo called Glimmer of Hope by Wendy Stevens from and I finally had a chance to make a video of the song today. The short solo is from a series called Looking Forward, which is referred to as Short Sheets. These pedagogical selections include various concepts to make pianists "mature musically and also helps give emotional release to teachers and more advanced musicians", Wendy Stevens.

"Glimmer of Hope" is a flowing piece of elegance in the Key of Bb Major. Wendy Stevens creates a piece that is written in the Treble Clef for both hands, which will prepare students for duets that demonstrate this concept or musical selections in the future. The message of hope is evident in the composition, with the tempo marking delineated as shimmering. Included in the short sheet are various dynamics from pp-mf, descending Eb Scales in the right hand, 8va's, and 15ma's. The song includes the highest A, B and, C on the piano. The rhymic patterns are mostly eighth notes. This delicate selection is one that I hope to be able to share with my students. Wendy, thanks for creating such a peaceful and hopeful song. What are some of your favorite Wendy Steven songs? Would like to know. Thanks for your support. Blessings.


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