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Karma Houdini Piano Student Composing

For several months one of my online piano students and I created a new song called Karma Houdini. The phrase means that the villain gets justice or wins. I have never heard of this phrase, yet the ideal can occur. I wanted to share the piano composition that I believe you and your students will love to play.

At the beginning of the song in the Treble Clef is only playing D, E, and F above Middle C, with octaves of D, C#, Bb, and A chords in the Bass Clef where each measure changes. The song is written in D minor, in 6/8 time signature, where the dotted quarter note is 130 bpm. The B section is adagio, which hints at Harry Potter themes, yet the student and I created something original for us. The block chords make the song sound intense in the B section. After returning to the main motif, the solo concludes with an accelerando of D minor chords starting at the lowest to the highest register of the piano. My favorite part of this song is the extreme dynamics that occur quickly.

The YouTube:

What are your students creating? Would like to know. Thanks for your support. Blessings.


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