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Promise of Spring

Just recently came across a fun piano song about the beginning of Spring and since Spring started on Saturday, we are hoping that it comes quickly. This beautiful song Called Promise of Spring written by Ryan Chesser from Piano Pronto has a gorgeous melody that will make you feel more relaxed. The piano solo has version A and B on the website, which makes it fun if you only have a few minutes to play Version A or a bit longer and play B. Either way you will not be disappointed by the calmness in this song.

Jennifer Eklund describes Version A as: Perfect for students to learn how to be expressive and invoke emotion using dynamics and tempo changes. Yet both versions are perfect for events, playing at church or the community or perhaps at home just to play for fun. Wanted to share both songs and would like to know which one you like the best. What are some new songs you're learning to play? Would like to know. Thanks for your support. Blessings.


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