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Row Row Variation

Over the years, I've been blessed to create some fun arrangements of songs for our students and hopefully for yours. I've had the ideas of Row, Row, Row Your Boat for a bit and finally had a chance to sit down and create it on muscore. The main focus is playing a melody with chords, which is very important for students to learn how to do. The more students can play chords, understand rhythm and playing a melody, the better their musicianship will be.

This short arrangement in the key of C and C minor, are great for students learning about basic chords. Yet want to keep trying to creating new songs with different keys, which is very beneficial for everyone playing the piano. The largo section needs to be very quiet and extremely slow, with the minor feel. Those who are rowing are perhaps preparing for some type of dangerous adventure. Maybe those who are rowing have hit a part of a rip tide or crazy current. The vivace section shows that those who are rowing have found their way home and hurrying the last moments of the boat ride. Plus I added a breath mark for intensity. So making a story out of the song might encourage your students to want to create an arrangement. Hope this song inspires your students to play well with different dynamics and tempos. You can find the song under piano music.

What are you creating for your students? Would like to know. Thanks for your support. Blessings.


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