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Shrek Jr. Pics

Since the middle of August I've been working on music for the show Shrek Jr. from November 17th-18th at the school I accompany at. The entire show was outstanding, as every student worked very hard performing the musical, stage hands moving scenery and props, lights and sound, costuming, had a the choir teacher help direct me and the Honor Choir sing back up. This show was incredible. Plus I was able to choreograph two of the songs from the show. I felt overwhelmed in a great way to serve. What a blessing.

The story is about an oger who lives on a swamp, when Lord Farquaad decides to put every Fairy Tale Creature into Shrek's swamp. They convince Shrek to stand up to Farquaad and get everyone's home back. The story is about unexpected friendships and love. Here are pics from the show.

Shrek singing.

Shrek not amused and Donkey grooving.

Pinocchio "hugging" Shrek, who was not sure what to do or think about it.

The Dragon singing about her whoa's of "Babysitting the Princess in the Tower and not being rescued".

Lord Farquaad meeting Princess Fiona for the first time.

Shrek Cast and Honor Choir singing "Freak Flag".

Hopefully I'll get access to more pics, yet this should be a great start. I'm so proud of being a part of such a fun musical experience. Everyone outdid themselves. What are areas that you're doing that "bigger than yourself"? Would like to know. Thanks for support. Blessings.


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