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Two More Easter Worship Piano Solos

These two selections are from the piano solo book called Shout to the Lord arranged by Phillip Keveren from Hal Leonard. As I'm preparing to play for the prelude and Communion of the Maundy Thursday service, March 28th, 2024, these are some of the selections I'll be sharing.

The song As the Deer by Martiun Nystrom is a glorious song about desiring to be with God, as a deer pants for water. Keveren creates a gentle introduction to the song using both hands in the Treble Clef for several measures and then offers the traditional Treble and Bass Clef. The first section is block chords, and then at the chorus, Keveren implements arpeggios in the Bass Clef. The Key Signatures are in D, F Ab, and A Major. The idea of Octaves in the Treble Clef makes a fuller sound, ending with a "Majestically" tempo marking of forte and bringing the song to a climax of pp to ppp. You and your students will love this piece.

How Beautiful is one of my many favorites from Twila Paris, yet Keveren outdoes himself with the arrangement. This is a piece I will play and desire to teach. The song begins in D Major, with a haunting B minor beginning, yet ends in the Key of Eb Major. The first tempo is referred to as "With tenderness, freely expressive", leading into a "Gently flowing" with the main melody being very accurate. He implements various dynamics, crescendos and decrescendos, octaves of the melody, rolling of chords, and fermattos making this piece a new favorite of mine. Keveren, thanks for putting your ideas into this piece.

What are some of your favorite Easter Piano Solos? Would like to know. Thanks for your support. Blessings.


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