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Go Tell it on the Mountain

I've always enjoyed singing and playing Christmas music, whether about Santa, Frosty, Grandma Got Ran Over by a Reindeer, White Christmas, Sleigh Ride. Yet I also enjoy Carols too. The music brings a smile to my face.

So last year the kids at our church sang Go Tell it on the Mountain, a Christmas Carol from the Shepherds persective of Jesus' birth. The song really made an impact on my life while I helped my kids learn the three verses to the song. It was tons of fun. They did very well.

So I decided that I wanted to create an easy arrangement of the song. I was hoping a student would play the arrangement last weekend for our studio event, yet the student got sick. I need to make a few adjustments, yet want to share the video. Once I get the song cleaned up, then I will share on the sight. The styles are a bit of '80's and jazz mixed, with dynamics that will get your attention. I don't consider myself as a composer, yet I can thank God that He pours Himself in these situations. Just like the Shepherds, we can praise Him and tell others about the good news He's given us.

Thanks for your support. You're a blessing to us. Merry Christmas.

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