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Easy Disney Duets

Wanted to take a moment to share about a duet book I came across and two YouTubes so far from it. This book from Hal Leonard is created by Jennifer and Mike Watts, a southern California couple who create such amazing music. The selections are great for students who want to play popular Disney songs, which are tons of fun to learn and I'm looking forward to teaching some soon.

The YouTube's I've been working on the past several days include a Snow White Medley and Be Our Guest. These upbeat songs will get the students motivated and excited to play. The Snow White Medley includes Heigh-Ho, in the key of F Major and Whistle While You Work in G Major. It's always great to teach and work on modulating to different keys. Even though it's written in 4/4, the half gets one beat, so it's more like 2/2. The melody tends to be in the Treble clefs with the right hand, yet there are moments that the Bass Clef gets the melody. The left hand of the Bass Clef plays the tonic of the chord, while the right hand of the bass plays the chord, with a back and forth "feel" to the music. With Whistle While You Work, the left hand Bass Clef at times has a walking Bass, which is tons of fun to play, yet gets some of the melody. This song is so much fun to play, I'm excited to have a chance to teach the song to one of the piano students.

Be Our Guest from Beauty and the Beast is an energetic duet, where the melody is shared with the Treble Clef Player and the Bass Clef Player. Again the Bass Clef does have the tonic note in the left hand and the right hand is playing a chord. Yet the Watts make sure to change it up by adding the Secondo play in the Treble Clef for several measures. Make sure to show the students where that part occurs. When the melody changes to the Bass Clef, the Treble Clef does a tonic in the left hand and a chord in the right hand, going left, right, left, right. This songs has equal balance, which is great to teach and play.

Hopefully I can get some more videos made up and share more about this great book with my students. What are some of your favorite duets to teach? Would like to know. Thanks of your support. Blessings.


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