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New Winter Composition

Last month a gentlemen named Nikolas Sideris shared that he was going give away free songs for the month of December on a Piano Facebook page. After doing some brief research, I was impressed by what I saw on his website and the music he created. So I went ahead and shared my email. Next Friday he sent an email with two compositions, including one called Under the Winter Sun, a great song for today, since it's the first day of Winter. This new song is in the key of C Major, yet the middle of the is filled with C# major, F# minor and D# diminished chords, plus other chords including a G# major chord in the last two measures.

If your looking for a fun winter song to play and teach, consider getting the song Under the Winter Sun. You will certainly enjoy the song. What are some of your favorite winter songs to play and teach? Thanks for your support. Blessings.


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