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A Lonely Path

My friend Wendy Stevens created a song last year when the world "shut down", expressing the loneliness we all felt being in quarantine and isolation. This melancholy selection in the G dorian, with one flat and many accidentals, show how we all felt and perhaps still do in. these "confusing times." This piece is mostly p and mp, yet includes a mf section, with crescendos and diminuendos, plus pedaling is provided. This early intermediate song is great for students who want to learn different reflective, sleepy rubato selections. Steven's want to show us that even though we experience loneliness, it will lead us to become more "beautiful people", as we look at where we were. A Lonely Path is worth having in your collection. What are some piano solos that are speaking to your students? Especially those that capture more emotions and aesthetics. Thanks for your support. Blessings.


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