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Jumanji The Next Level

First of all, I have to admit that I love watching movies, mostly kids shows, yet really enjoy times to watch a movie that doesn't have cartoon characters. In the past 2 weeks a friend found out that we watched the newer version of Jumanji and decided to let us borrow their movie from 2019. The first movie was so funny, we couldn't stop laughing and we were told that the second one is even better. So we watched it and to be honest, the film was off the charts funny. Yet I will say that it is a vulgar film, which I'm not a fan of. Maybe that's why I prefer mostly cartoons. That's just me. What I want to share from an acting stand point with the movie is how they took real life people's charac

Still learning and thankful

This year has been different with quarantines, lockdowns and mostly staying at home orders, yet we are still learning everyday. From how to keep our kids engaged, how to work from home, how to stay int contact with family, friends and everyone else in our community. Yet life can be exhausting and weary with demands from work and home. Everyday I'm still learning. There have been days I feel like a hero and days where I ask questions about how I'm helping musicians and actors. Admitting mistakes and seeking forgiveness. Trying to figure out what to do when the internet doesn't want to work and trying to be flexible with what life brings. Trying to email games, music and communicating with par

Music Tempo Game

With the recent quarantine, I came across a fun game that was in my computer files for a few years. Finally decided to do something different. The game is a series called Treble Makers, yet this one is based on Tempos and definitions. This week we've been playing the game to help students understand tempos better and so far everyone is loving the game. Yet to be honest, I can't find the game at music4littlelearners.com, as the internet states the website is not a "good one." I'll try to do more research and see what I can find out. The point of the game is to help students know the definitions in a fun card game where each person keeps as many cards until they get a Treble Maker. When that h

Ice Cream Piano Keys and Staff Game

One of my many weaknesses would be ice cream, yet it's one of my favorite desserts. I love ice cream no matter what season. It brings me joy to have a bowl full of ice cream, like I'm a little kid devouring each bit. Specifically I love most types of chocolate ice cream. Yummy. Where's the spoon? LOL. So this summer, our students are experiencing a great piano keys and grand staff game that I like to call silly ice cream cones. The game comes from PianowithaTwist on TpT, called Ice Cream Notes. I play the game a bit different, as over the years I've found piano keys with stars or dots on the keys to help students learn the notes better and grand staff flash cards. When you find the game, pri

More Music and Games

Just wanted to share that I've added more music and games to the website. The arrangements are two movie songs: Everything Is Awesome, from the Lego Movie and All is Found, from Frozen 2. The easy arrangements are great for those learning about syncopated rhythms. Definitely check those out. Two other songs are early jazz sung by Frank Sinatra: Nice and Easy and You Make Me Feel so Young, plus an arrangement of Come Sail Away (Styx). The songs are easy to play using beginner chords of root and fifth in the bass clef. Hopefully they will help your students succeed, learning different styles of music. The extra games consist of card games with intervals; high/low/up/down; basketball images; ba

Summer Idea

As we prepare for the last full month of summer and as Frozen states: Into the Unknown, wanted to share an idea that we're trying as a studio. With all the recent issues in the world, wanted to take a bit of time and work with our voice and piano students on Patriotic music. In fact we're doing a small group event in early August where the voice students will sings America the Beautiful and My Country Tis of Thee, plus we're singing We're All in This Together (High School Musical) and Some Things Never Change (Frozen 2). They have been working on some pirate acting scenes for our acting and voice students. I'm really looking forward to the opportunity to share amazing Patriotic music to enc

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