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National Anthem

Yesterday I had a chance to sing the Star Spangled Banner at our local hockey team, which was on my bucket list. It was the first time I've ever been blessed to sing he National Anthem by myself that I can recall. The opportunity was filled with nerves and excitement at the same time. Having a gamut of emotions at the same time is a bit odd for me. Yet the chance was incredible.

After I sang, my wife and a new friend who works for the team, asked how it felt. Was it everything I wanted. To answer at the moment, I of course said yes. Yet after thinking through it later, this weekend and Monday is a time to honor our Veterans who have served our county.

It made me appreciate not only the men and women who have or continue to serve our country, yet thinking about those who fought for us to live in America. Those who created a large American Flag, that is displayed in the Smithsonian Institute, where they were saying to the British that you don't control us, we live in America. To Frances Scott Key who wrote the lyrics of the National Anthem, sharing his perspective of what he saw during a battle and how the America "Flag was still there." I thank God those stories and heroes in the past who sacrificed everything to help make America become

such a great place. Yes we have our problems, yet the freedoms are incomprehensible. What a blessing.

So did I enjoy singing at local game and hope that I can do it again. Of course. Yet the song has such an amazing story of freedom for such a great country. Thank God for the daily blessings. He's so good.

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