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Score Documentary

Last week I came across a documentary about the life of movie composers, as they explain the process of composing music for major movies. I was so mesmerized by the Doc, that I had to take a moment to share what I learned. I don't want to spoil anything, yet I'll give you some glimpses that caught my attention.

The film shares about various composers, including Hans Zimmer, John Willams, Danny Elfman, Quincy Jones, Randy Newman and so many others that I've never heard of, yet want to learn who they are. Each composer explains the process of how they make the music for the films. Most of them use live orchestral musicians, yet others us whatever instruments they have and create a symphony with a variety of musical instruments they have with just two people. Just depends on what the director wants. Watching musicians create with what they have is incredible.

While watching the film, I learned that a composer from one of the Mission Impossible films would see the billboard for the movie, yet the music wasn't even completed. The film was going to be shown in two week, yet the tracks were not in the movie just yet. That surprised me.

Other part of the documentary explains about the process of the studio musician who goes in to "sightread" music for the film, on the spot. Whether instrumentalist or vocalist, they go in not sure what to expect and play or sing the music so well. Everyone is at a different level as a musician, yet that is intense and incredible to me. Inspires me to practice more.

There are so many other concepts in the documentary, yet would encourage you to check it out. Very much worth watching, if your interested in how John Williams created the Jaw's Theme Song and Steven Spielberg's thoughts. Made me laugh. If you're looking for something that will explain the process of recording, composing and mixing for movie music, please check the movie out. Really worth your time.

Thanks for your support. Blessings.

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