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Ice Cream Piano Keys and Staff Game

One of my many weaknesses would be ice cream, yet it's one of my favorite desserts. I love ice cream no matter what season. It brings me joy to have a bowl full of ice cream, like I'm a little kid devouring each bit. Specifically I love most types of chocolate ice cream. Yummy. Where's the spoon? LOL.

So this summer, our students are experiencing a great piano keys and grand staff game that I like to call silly ice cream cones. The game comes from PianowithaTwist on TpT, called Ice Cream Notes. I play the game a bit different, as over the years I've found piano keys with stars or dots on the keys to help students learn the notes better and grand staff flash cards.

When you find the game, print off the ice cream pics on pages 10-11 and laminate them. If you're doing the grand staff, you'll need to print off enough for the flash cards from lowest F in the Bass Clef to the highest G in the Treble Clef. Of course I might add the CDE below the F in the Bass Clef and ABC above the Treble Staff. We pick a piano keys or staff note and with the ice cream toppings arranged in the musical alphabet, we pick either a cone, chocolate syrup or an ice cream flavor. Most of the time we don't start with a cone, we might start with ice or syrup at the bottom and the cone might end up in the middle. Of course the game brings lots of laughs on how hilarious the ice creams end up. Based on the examples at the bottom, you can see the fun the game bring, plus they students are learning.

Again find this game for the summer and perhaps the students might want to keep playing the game throughout the year. Hope this inspires you to keep having fun this summer. Would enjoy hearing what you do in the summer with your students to engage and help them succeed to their ultimate potential? Also what is your favorite ice cream? Perhaps one day we can enjoy a bowlful together.

Thanks for your support. Blessings.

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