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Short Piano Song

The last couple months I've realized that right now I need as many short songs as possible to help our students succeed. Composers have been diligently working hard to create short songs for piano students to learn new material that is easy to do in a few settings. Wendy Steven, has been doing making new songs to share with students. Jennifer Eklund from Piano Pronto has been giving away free songs to help piano teachers succeed. So amazing. Please check these and other resources out.

So I wanted to share that I recently created a song called: Can You "C" the Scale, that uses an ascending and descending C scale with fingering to help students learn how to play the C scale. I also incorporate C, F and G arpeggios, which are fun for musicians to learn how to play a melody and use broken chords at the same time. Hopefully this free song can help your students learn something new. Go to the Sheet Music part of the website and download the free song.

What have you been doing now that's different that what you usually do? Are you creating short songs to help others succeed? Are you playing games you haven't yet? Would like to know what you're doing.

Thanks for your support. Blessings.

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