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Amazing Grace Jennifer Eklund

Growing up in a small Baptist church here in town, taught me many aspects as a musician. We sang lots of hymns every Sunday and Wednesday or anytime we meet. Over the years many of the older hymns still minister to me: In the Garden, How Great Thou Art, Jesus Loves Me (my favorite). Yet one of my top favorites is a song by John Newton, Amazing Grace, which tells the story of what we were like before Jesus and how amazing grace. can and will always change us. The incredible back story of why John Newton create the best and possibly most recognizable hymns is worth check out.

Yet wanted to share about an arrangement I found that is great for early Intermediate piano students by Jennifer Eklund from She starts the song with an introduction that will get attention to those who hear, starting out with a dynamic of mezzo piano and filled with major and minor chord inversions that are close to each other in the bass clef. The recognizable melody in the right hand is accompanied by 5ths and 6th that will help others get a fresher perspective on the song. Love the A minor chord as the first chord in the song, totally catching the audiences attention. The accidentals in the song really add to the character of the song. The interlude in between the two verses include a mezzo forte dynamic and the arpeggios add more color and texture to the song. The last verse ends with the song as we would hear it, including the great 5th and 6th chords and more arpeggios. The molto ritardando and the last high and lower C's with the pp dynamics really help the listener experience the song in a fresher way.

If you're looking for a great arrangement of a beloved hymn, please consider this one as an option for you or your students who are wanting to play a song that is relaxing and calming. Very much worth getting this song. What are some of your favorite hymns and arrangements? Would like to know. Thanks for your support. Blessings.

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