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Alternative Fall Music with Arpeggios

The past few blogs have been about Halloween music, yet what if you have a student who doesn't want something "spooky" or doesn't celebrate Halloween. In the past I've taught arrangements of Bach's Taccato in D Minor, Beethoven's 5th Symphony and other classics. Would certainly like to teach Prelude in E Minor by Chopin, Autumn by Vivaldi and Autumn Leaves (the jazz version) to someone during the Fall season. Anticipating those days. Yet here are three short songs that students could learn quickly, that is still filled with broken chords.

The first one is called Cascading Colors by Chris Owenby, which focuses on arpeggios in both hand. Cascading Colors is written in the key of C, yet uses other chords: inlcluding Ab and Bb arpeggios. Chris creates a song that has p, mp and mf, with crescendos and decrescendos throughout the entire song. This short piece would certainly be great for later elementary and early intermediate. Plus Chris created a song filled with color. Absolutely gorgeous piece.

The second one is September Walk by Edward Weiss. This beautiful song in the key of D also uses arpeggios in the left hand, moving smoothly through the entire song. The B section goes into a bit of B minor portion, giving the walk a different perspective. Edward's created a melody that is sweet and relaxing, even in the B section. If you're looking for a fun song for early intermediate students, please check this one out.

The last one is called Story of Autumn by Yoke Wong. This short song in the key of C, uses a simple melody with quarter, eighth and half notes, plus a few grace notes make the song reveal the relaxing, calming time during Autumn. Yoke Wong also uses arpeggios, which are great for students to learn quickly. At the end of the song Wong has the right hand playing octaves, with more broken chords in the left hand.

Hope this gives you some extra ideas for Fall music that is calming, relaxing and filled with lots of broken chords. What are some of your favorite Fall songs? Would like to know. Thanks fo your support. Blessings.


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