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An Ice Cream Staff and Piano Key Game

Summer piano games are always fun with water balloons and water squirters, making a bit of a splash at the studio. I used the car port for the fun outdoor water games, which gives a fresh perspective for the students. Inside games are helpful, yet being outside really helps. Wanted to share a fun game that I've combined from two different piano companies: Color in My Piano and Piano with a Twist.

The game is to help students find a different way for the students to learn the notes on the piano. From, search for the game called Ice Cream Notes: Grand Staff Spaces, that focuses on the spaces of the Staff. The game is located on When you find the free game, print off the ice cream. Then go to and find the Musical Olympic Games. Print off the piano keys.

What I do is have have the ice alphabet lined up in alphabetical order and then have the piano keys or notes on the Grand Staff in a draw pile. We draw a card and decide what the note is and take that particular part of the ice cream, whether cones, chocolate sauce or ice cream flavors. We start piling the items on top of each other. We may or may not start with a ice cream cone, we might start with chocolate sauce or ice cream, then we pick another card and put the items on top of each other. The results are funny looking for an ice cream cone. Hopefully the pic explains it.

What are some of your favorite summer games? Would like to know. Thanks for your support. Blessings.


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