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Another 10 year Celebration

Just wanted to take a moment to share that at the end of the month of March, I started working 10 years ago with They are a company in San Diego, California that finds teachers who can work for them and they provide students for teachers based on teachers expertise. Most of the lessons are music, yet they provide other arts, humanities, sign language, dance, tutoring students with school work and many other topics. The partnership has been incredible, working with a professional and fun company. They have opened up opportunities to work with students that perhaps I wouldn't have been able to reach. I'm so blessed to work with this incredible company. If you're teacher who is looking for ways to bring in extra income, consider as an option. I will say that might take a bit to obtain students, yet once you do, your chances will increase. Thanks TakeLessons for all that you do. Thanks for your support. Blessings.


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