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"Good New Days"

The past weeks were busy playing at Botanica, which went very well; Christmas Studio Event last Saturday, December 10th ( everyone did outstanding); playing for two school concerts. Plus today is the last concert at Brooks Middle School and on Thursday I'm playing for an Elementary School Christmas Tour. Also this is the last week for lessons. I'm not going to lie, I'm crying. This has been a great year of opportunities for the students and myself to develop as a better musician/actor and performer. What a blessing.

The concept that came to me recent is that it's easy to focus on the "good old days", yet after talking to a friend and pondering his words, the phrase has changed. Let's focus on the "Good New Days". I always try to find the good, yet this phrase is changing me. This year was amazing working with online students through various states because of, having events with in-person and online students, playing new or older music I didn't know and was able to teach it to the students, having more opportunities to perform in the community, playing at a couple school concerts. What a blessing.

So as we prepare for the end of the year, reflect on the "good new days". This phrase will change you life. Thanks again for your support. Blessings.


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