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Jingle Jangle

Just wanted to take a few minutes to share about a Christmas movie that our family has watched on Netflix. Those who have taken the time to create the film have really taken Christmas to new levels. From sets, costumes, props, new actors are taking new highest with the recent production.

The film is called Jingle Jangle, telling the story of Jeronicus Jangle, a toy maker who creates all types of toys that kids will want to play with. His inventions are known all over the town, where customers walk into a world like Charlie and Chocolate Factory and the Emerald City. The set is very elaborate, filled with all types of colors that might make you pause the scene to take all of the props and scenery in. He has a devoted wife, daughter and an apprentice who is desperate for Jeronicus' attention, although Jeronicus is very focus on his family, shop and inventing. He doesn't appear to "neglect" his apprentice, yet Gustafson (Miles Barrow as a young man, Keegan-Michael Key as the older version) believes Jeronicus doesn't have time for him or the inventions he's trying to create. The story is told by the Grandmother played by (Phylicia Rashad) who shares an adventure of Jeronicus Jangle (played by Justin Cornwell as a young man, and Forest Whitaker as an older man).

The story shares about a "betrayal" with Gustafson, Jangle who looses everything because his "friend" stole his latest toy and Jangle's invention book. Gustafson and the new toy Don Juan Diego, played by Ricky Martin, is a egomaniac, filled with greed creates Jangle's toys that people flock too in their desperate time of not having toys anymore. The people forget about Jangles and Things and Jangle is "reduced" to being a pawn shop.

Jangle's become distant with his daughter who later in life has a daughter of her own, who she wants so desperately to have a better relationship with her Dad. She convinces her Dad that the granddaughter would come and visit before returning on Christmas. In spite of Jangle's perspective, he realizes that his granddaughters visit is the spark he needs to get "back to himself" again. After confronting his apprentice and learning of his granddaughter and her new friend is in serious trouble, Jangle, along with a new love of his life (that he doesn't believe in love a second time), they are able to rescue the children from mortal danger and rebuild broken relationships (especially with his daughter) and forgiving himself over the death of his wife. Plus Jangles and Things returns in a glorious manner.

Besides the acting, the best parts are the props from the Robot Jangle's had created in the past, the book the Grandmother read, the CG of Don Juan can bring make you sit on the edge of your set. The colorful costumes and sets are vibrant, making you appreciate every detail in the clothes and scenery. The choreography is brilliant, energetic and powerful. The music will resonate in your soul, as you are taken on a journey that makes you acknowledge the hard moments of life, yet hope in event with the lyrics.

In my years of loving Christmas Musicals: White Christmas, Polar Express, The Muppets Christmas Carol, The Nightmare Before Christmas, Annie and so many more. Jingle Jangle is one of my new favorites. Would love to find out if and when the music will be produced, as I would love to learn and have our students perform the powerful music.

If you're looking for a heartwarming film that will make you want to dance, sing out loud and find a new found love for Christmas, please consider Jingle Jangle as a new Christmas Musical that you will want to watch again and again. If you've seen the film, tell me me thoughts. Would like to know.

Thanks for your support. Blessings.


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