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Monster Jam Piano Solos

Last year I came across a fun book called Monster Jam by Kristen Allred, thorough KJOS Music. This Late Elementary Book is filled with original songs about Monsters and their "dances". Allred wrote songs with great pedagogy foundations, yet still sound advanced. Over the past few weeks I've tried to make YouTubes on my page, to share her incredible music. I'm just sharing three of the eight songs. Your students will love these selections.

One of the songs called Dracula Gettin' Down has a 50's rock feel, with a walking bass. She incorporates staccatos and some sections with legato. The use of 5th's, 6ths and even sharped 6ths, keeps the steady beat, yet makes a student want to move. This song is totally worth checking out. She utilizes quarter, half and eighth notes, keeping the song energetic and makes you want to dance. Very much worth checking out.

Another selection is March of the Zombies, mostly written with both hands in the Bass Clef. She creates a mood with the first six measures, that is "slow and spooky, then she moves to a "faster bolder" section incorporating 5th and 6th chords, with the melody in the other hand. Allred also incorporates 4/4 and 3/4 throughout the song. The end includes a ritardondo and triplets going up. This selection is creative with the dynamics and tempo changes, which students will enjoy learning and experiencing.

One more song is called Swamp Creatures. This is perfect for teaching students how to play Dm and Ebm arpeggios going up the piano by 2 octaves. Plus the molto rit is great for students to understand how to stretch out sounds. The B section allows the player to play a melody, while the Bass Clef has arpeggios. The imagery created through this song is like the Swamp Creatures rising up from the "muck and mire". The place must be haunting for those who are watching them climb slowing out of a swamp.

Again check out my YouTube page for more ideas. Your students will love these and other songs. What are you teaching now for Halloween? Would like to know. Thanks for your support. Blessings.

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