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Musician's Growth Quote

As a teacher I've been blessed to hear students wanting to learn to play a song that "bigger than themselves" (a phrase I like to say). Of course every teacher has heard the opposite more: that's too hard, difficult, challenging, I can't play this. If you know anything about me as a teacher, I don't "baby" people. I meet them where they are at and "nudge and push" them in a good way. Yet the truth is as a musician, I have to find ways for more "growth" as a pianist.

Over the years I've taught myself songs that take extra work on my part to become successful for performances, YouTube or teaching. I have a list of songs that I want to learn to play in my lifetime, including: Moonlight Sonata Movement 3, all 3 movements of Mozart Sonata in C Major K. 545, Gershwin's Prelude for Piano, Listz Hungarian Rhapsody No 2, Wu Kui by Zhou Long. Plus want to learn Victor Borge's Listz duet, Sleigh Ride Duet Fantasy arranged by Zach Heyde and Frank Tedesco (or other duets by them), music by Jennifer Thomas, The Nutcracker and more.

I don't want to sound like a cliché: never stop learning, yet that's were I'm at. What are some songs you want to learn that "bigger than yourself" and you're willing to try? Would like to know. Now that I share my list, need to start working one of these very soon. Thanks for your support. Blessings.


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