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My Cup Overflows with Joy

The past two weeks I've been blessed to get back into the school system as an accompanist after a year of not being able too play since last March of 2020. I jumped right at the opportunity to serve our school district. What a blessing to help a local school as they prepare for an upcoming in-person concert. In fact most of the students have been only been in school for over 2-3 months. So putting together a "program" has been a dream for the teacher that I'm working for. My cup is overflowing with joy serving the school.

I''m also trying to work on some ideas for the summer. Hopefully I will have more done this week. Yet so grateful and blessed to serve our school. What is something you're doing now that you didn't do after March of 2020? Would love to know. Thanks for your support. Blessings.


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