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Newer Christmas Songs from My Studio

The past few weeks have been busier than ever. Last week I got a virus, so I spent time resting and teaching lessons online. Plus last Saturday we had a Halloween Studio Event (thankfully I felt well enough for move forward), where the students outdid themselves. The week before that was the first fall concert I was able to accompany, where the students sang songs from The Sound of Music, Lion King and The Phantom of the Opera. If you know anything about me, that's totally up my alley.

Was able to work on a few Christmas videos in this time that are worth sharing about. The song Oh Holy Night is definitely a favorite of mine. Hearing this song always brings back great memories. This arrangement by Tim Buckland, (a piano teacher and composer in Australia) is a two page song in the key of C Major, where he makes sure arpeggios are included in the left hand. The Early Intermediate song is perfect for events, concerts, playing at home, teaching. The song flows with the melody in the right hand. If you're looking for an idea consider this song as an option for Christmas.

This last song is called Petit Papa Noel, a French carol from 1944 doing War World II by Henri Martinet and Raymond Legrand. The song is arranged by Marie-Eve Mainguy, from I've never heard this song, yet so grateful that a student shared this song this week. The original song is a child's prayer that the parent would return home safely from the war. I'm excited to learn more about this song soon.

Mainguy creates an arrangement in the key of F Major that uses some triplets at the beginning of the song. This gorgeous selection utilizes a large portion of the piano, which I always enjoy hearing. The chord structures are "basic", yet beautiful, including extra Ab and Bb chords at the end. (Again one of my favorite things, when composer create songs with other chords not in the key signatures). She creates dynamics for this piece, that make it flow. This song is worth checking out, using for concerts, events and teaching. I'm really looking forward to teaching and sharing this song with other students.

What are some of your favorite new Christmas songs to teach and play? Would like to know. Thanks for your support. Blessings.


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