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Run and Hide Piano Solo by Jason Sifford

Several years ago I was introduced to Jason Sifford, a performer, piano teacher, and composer through Willis Music, a professor in Iowa, and currently the newest composing member of I've taught several of his songs to students, yet I came across one a while ago called Run and Hide from Willis Music Publications. A current student wants to learn the song, so I've been focusing on the selection.

The solo is in the key of C minor, with other accidentals throughout the piece. Sifford infuses Jazz, walking Bass, chromatic scales, and dynamic contrasts that will keep the audience members alert, pondering what will occur next. The melody is boisterous, filled with excitement, and anticipation of what the spy is doing, as he/she runs and hides from his/her foe. Tempo markings for the beginning motif are set at 165 bpm or even faster.

The B section is filled with an enormous amount of staccatos, and dynamics from p-pp, including a tempo change of 126 bpm that makes you wonder what the spy is accomplishing at the moment. Sifford returns to the main theme after the B section, yet creates a climax to the selection where I'm convinced that the spy has gotten away. He incorporates some use of pedaling, yet with it being a Walking Bass, Sifford doesn't want pedaling to be utilized at all.

Here is Jason's YouTube of the solo.

Here's mine.

Thanks Jason for creating such an energetic, mysterious song that will grasp everyone's attentiveness. What are some of your favorite Jason Sifford songs? I would like to know. Thanks for your support. Blessings.


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