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Exhale In E minor New Composing Song

I recently had a composing idea, that I think is worth teaching and sharing. I'm calling the song called Exhale In E minor, referring to being more relaxed and breathing. A concept that we all need to work on. The one page song has a simple melody both used in the Treble and Bass Clef, which is always fun. The tempo is Adagio, yet could be a bit slower. The main chords are E minor and C Major, yet other chords of 5th and 6th's are used in the Moderato section of the third line of the song. Wanted to have a moment where life might get in the way of the relaxation, where exhaling needs to continue. I then lead back to an even slower tempo of the melody with an E minor arpeggio at the end. The song is designed to be legato, while a person is relaxing. Pedaling is not marked yet, see what you hear on the YouTube and find out what works well for you and those you teach this song too. Here is the song link:

Here is the YouTube:

What have you been creating? Would like to know. Thanks tor your support. Blessings.


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