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Celebrating "May the 4th Be With You" Music Games

This week's lessons consist of learning games with Star Wars Theme since this Saturday is May 4th. I wanted to share some of the ideas I'll utilize this week. I would like to know what you're doing this week to celebrate Star Wars. I'm a huge fan.

I just found a four-measure example of The Imperial March from Search for Imperial March Beginner Piano Sheet Music. I'm going to teach the melody and after they are confident in these four measures, I'll add an A minor chord for each measure in the Bass Clef, to make it sound full. Here is the link:

Boomwhackers are great with my students when teaching rhythm and pitches, so I'm using Prodigy Music Star Wars Sample to create some fun ideas, from Prodigy Music Group in Canada. The sample includes Boomwhacker songs of the main Star Wars Theme and Imperial March, history about John Williams, plus a coloring sheet of Mr Williams, rhythm activity and note name flashcards with famous Star Wars Characters and a Treble Clef note name worksheet. Here is the link:

Plus a YouTube of my student and I performing a part of the main Star Wars Theme with Boomwhackers from Prodigy.

You can try to use the Star Wars Character Note Name Flash Cards in various ways, including finding large Grand Staff Game Boards or Piano Key cards to identify notes. My students always love these games, especially if they have characters on them.

The last idea, for now, is a YouTube called "Elementary Movement Activity With Music from Star Wars Using Body Percussion, Form, and Creating". It focuses on 5 body percussions: jump, pat, clap, snap, and make sounds like Chewie. I'm really looking forward to using the activity to get my students moving. Here is the YouTube

These ideas are just a small portion of how to teach Star Wars piano games to your students. What are you going to do to celebrate? I would like to know. Thanks for your support. Blessings and may the force be with you.


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