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Is Disappointment OK?

This week I was supposed to do two mini theater workshops of the play Simply Cinderella, yet both of the camps were cancelled due to not having enough participates. When the decisions were made to cancel the mini theater event, I was disappointed, let down. I'm usually a positive person who tries to see the good.

After talking to several of my friends and family we realized that it's ok to feel let down, yet we as people can't live like this. Being able to express my feelings to those around me about the camps, really brought more relief. Talking out issues are very helpful.

Plus I'm currently working on an upcoming Summer Project with my studio, where they are playing and singing music from musicals and movies. Recently I received music for the upcoming school year music where I accompany, which I've been able to look at a bit. Plus I'm working on some student and personal music. Then after the decision of not doing the camps, I'm moving forward with a possible week long '80's camp. So there are things to work on, plus enjoying the summer more.

The point is when we feel disappointed: please talk to people you trust and focus on what else you need to do. Be ok with disappointment, just don't live in it. See the good and enjoy the ride.

I hope that you don't feel condoned, yet encouraged by this short blog. So is disappointment ok? Yes it is. Just move forward. Would like to know your thoughts. Thanks for your support. Blessings.


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