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Christmas Acting Improv Games

Just wanted to take a moment to share about two Christmas games I created for my acting students a long time ago, that I still use today. They are improv games that will help students react and create a story line. I always love when my students create their own stories and ideas.

The first game is called Bizarre Christmas Gifts: Would you buy these type of gifts? Student look over the pdf PowerPoint examples and express if they would purchase these type of gifts for those for their family and friends. All of these are gags, yet I have a feeling many of them are available. The other thing is how they would react to receiving a gift like this. Examples are a Beard Guard/Net, an inflatable unicorn horn for a cat, a goat statue, pickle breath mints and many more. I wouldn't be surprised if laughter occurred, which does in my lessons. Here is the link:

Another game is called Santa Got Stuck in the Chimney, where students create a story with silly responses to a situation that occurred at Christmas. For example: The Reindeer overslept on Christmas, where you and the student to create a story of what might have happened. Maybe the elves or Santa had to find other animals to drive the sleigh, maybe the reindeer didn't care, perhaps Mrs Claus made their favorite sweet treat or coffee and they woke up. The options are endless. What would happen if Santa got a ghotee, your Christmas Sweater explodes everytime you take a selfie, St. Patrick delivers the Christmas presents and many more. Plus the card game comes with a backside, so you and the student don't see the card on the other side. Of course print off on colored card stock and laminate if possible.

Here is the link:

Hope these are fun games to utilize for your acting, theater and improv students and classes. What are some of your favorite Christmas Acting Games? Would like to know. Thanks for your support. Blessings.


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