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Halloween Personal Performances

This year I tried something different with a Halloween Master Class with three of my piano students, which was tons of fun. So glad I did it, as everyone played very well. Had two of my students create a short Halloween song and those who attended had a chance to get to know each other, plus share feedback about the songs they played at the Master Class.

The difference this year was in the past I would do a Halloween Performance, yet with the amount of school music, accompanying and running a business, I made a change. I had each of my students learn a song or two that was Halloween related. Was thankful that four of my students made videos of their Halloween Personal Performances. I'm really proud as 3 of them is their first time trying something like this, one has done it before. Just wanted to share the songs. Again be aware that most of my students, this is their first times trying this. I'm pleased.

Here is Nicholas' first YouTube performance singing the Monster Mast. Thanks for trying sir.

Owen's first time doing a YouTube of Jack's Lament. Keep up the amaizng work.

Drake playing Skeleton Waltz piano solo. Keep up the amazing work.

Jad and I playing a piano duet of The Attack of a Black Cat

So thankful for trying something very diverse, which has been helpful. What is something you've tried that is not how you usually do it? How do you feel after trying something beyond yourself? Would like to know. Thanks for your support. Blessings.


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