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Two Songs by Daniel McFarlane

There are so many incredible musicians and composers all over the globe. Yet wanted to share two piano solos by Daniel McFarlane, from Supersonic Piano. He is from Australia, where he creates original piano songs and arranges classic songs too. I came across a couple new songs that I'm sharing with a student this week called Sea Serpents and Flower Fairies. You can either purchase the songs individually or in the book series called Land of the Middle Seas. Which is a great original song book by McFarlane. Here is the link to the book:

The song Sea Serpents is very fast using C-G "scale" in the Treble Clef and F-C "scale" with Ab and Bb. The sea serpants are definitely moving all over the place. I"m looking forward to teaching this song to my students.

The second song called Flower Fairies is a fun song with tons of repetition throughout the Treble Clef, using an arpeggio of C, E, G. The Bass Clef uses F, G and A only. The rhythms consist of Quarter, Dotted Half and Eighth Notes, plus some Eighth Rests in the Treble Clef. This is a quick, flowing song, with imagery of Fairies living in flowers.

Daniel McFarlane has created a plethora of piano music, that is worth checking out. What are some of your favorite songs from Daniel? Would like to know. Thanks for your support. Blessings.


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