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"Wild Time Change" Composing

One of my favorite things is teaching composing, which brings out great creativity for my students. I always tell my students that they need to play a variety of music, which will help them discover how to write new music. This creation is by one of my online students who loves to make new songs. The short composition is called Wild Time Change, filled with various musical elements, the biggest one including different time signatures. Hence the title. The song is written in E minor, yet ends on a D Major Chord. Sounds intense and colorful.

The song starts out with a Grave tempo in 2/4, introducing the main theme ascending with arpeggios of E minor and then D Major chords. The student changes time signatures to 3/4 in one measure, back to 2/4 in the next. The B section tempo is Allegro, moving fast with broken rocking back and forth chords. The students creates a fortissimo section with E minor and B minor block chords, that should get your attention. Plus the time signatures changes to 3/4. The song ends just like the beginning in 2/4.

I'm so proud of the student for creating this piece, that sounds like a part of a movie soundtrack. This wild ride composition is worth learning to play and teaching. I believe your student will love it.

Here is the link to the song:

And the YouTube.

What are you students composing? Would certainly like to know. Thanks for your support. Blessings.


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